New arrivals on the militant scene, and worshipping the newest addition to the Faithful pantheon in the Dragon God, the Order of Nine Dragons or simply Nine Dragons is based around utter bloodshed and viciousness, believing that life and history is just cycles of turmoil and bloodshed, and that if they cause enough it will break the cycle and cause the Songbird and the Dragon God to come forth and bring about a new age. Worshipping him fanatically, they down dragon skull shaped helms and padded leather and metal armor and go into battle seeking to do as their order believes in fully. Though a black sheep compared to the Forsworn, the Knights of Ash, and others, they have shown clear support for the cause of destruction of the Iron Lances in Vahlshallah and assisted in the Sack of the Great Temple and the purge of Iron Lances that stood against the Vahlshallahn kingdom. Deployed to the Teutonland, the Nine Dragons are vicious and not at all saddened with a clear enemy in front of them to fight while they bide their time and simmer with hatred for Nessos and the western Keltians and druids.