Backed by the blood and fire of the Grey Faith, the Knights of Ash are seen as silent sentinels, in heavy armor wielding spears reminiscent of the Iron Lances. Disciplined, strong, and indoctrinated into powerful legions, the Knights of Ash are instructed and trained to not break cohesion without first sacrificing everything else, and to hold the line until the very end. Though some would call it foolishness and idiocy, the Knights of Ash are fearsome and perhaps the biggest contender with the Iron Lances and the Forsworn for the dominant Faithful militant organization in the East, with the Iron Lances slowly losing their grip with the sack of the Grand Temple turned over to be used by the Grey Faith and the Shadow Faith. Cruel and vicious, the Knights of Ash are primarily made up of veterans from the border lands with the Teutons, having fought against them for many years and being descended from those that fought that Buggerites and other barbarians, instilling a powerful hatred and xenophobic attitude to those that attempt harm against their order and their nation.

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