Jia horde

A map of the route of the Jin horde's flight across China to Ulyan

The Flight of the Jin was a mass migration occurring from around 97.18 until 2.19 or 3.19, according to various experts (Gr. Cal - 1203 BC - 1198-97 BC). Originating from an exodus of the young, old and women of the city of Xilatang in Jinyi following the invasion of the Lun Cheshou tribes, by the time it reached its destinaton it had grown into a horde of nearly forty-five thousand people, including soldiers and able-bodied young men. About three thousand babies were born on the Flight.

The fleeing Jin Yi people would eventually reach their destination, the valley of Ulyan in the Nanbu Shanqu mountains of Central Asia (thought to be the world's highest), and settle down alongside the already resident Dawar and Nanbu tribes. They would also adopt the native Aynarist religion, which in any case shared many of its beliefs with Confucianism, the Yi ancestral religion.

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