United Egyptian Empire before the Great Levantine War

"Heard about the empire that was bigger than Egypt?"
"Didn't think so." (Egyptian Humor)

Before the Great Levantine War Egypt was under the United Egyptian Empire and facing centralizing reforms. For millenia, Egypt has formed the core of region-dominating powers, from Aenorian Egypt, through a period of civil war into the Neo-Egpytian Empire. The United Egyptian Empire, considered by some merely a dynasty of the Neo-Egyptian Empire, at its hight controlled the greatest territory ever owned by Egypt, from Kush to Caanan. However, no more. In the Great Levantine War, Egypt was partitioned into Katanic, Hyakid, Neo-Kushite and Axumite spheres of influence. The Hyakids now own the majority of the region, which they call Musru.

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