Aynarism is the majority religion of the Dawar and Nanbu people of the Nanbu Shanqu mountain range in central Asia. With similar ideology to the eastern religions of Confucianism and Daoism, it is centred around the first humans, Aynar and his wife Nai, and their worship. The single, central tenet of the Aynarist belief structure is hospitality and generosity toward strangers. Many Aynarists also follow an Eastern moral code, but any supplementary ideals are considered less important than those central to Aynarism itself.

In death, Aynarism teaches the concept of the 'Long Walk', in which one reflects on their life and decides whether they are satisfied with it. The destination of this walk is known as the 'roof of the world', reputedly the world's highest mountain, somehere in the far south-west of the Nanbu Shanqu.

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